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Welcome to my site. I've come to the realization that it will never be fancy like most sites these days , but that's OK. The common click to add to the cart, checkout and it will be shipped same day is just not possible with this business. While I do try to get ahead and have some items in stock, chances are that your order will have some items that I will need to make. Thus, my standard estimated completion time is 6 to 8 weeks although most orders are filled much sooner.

It's just me and my helper and we sometimes get overloaded. In the past the procedure was to order a catalog and then mail in an order along with payment. The only real change is that now the catalog is available on this site as a PDF file. So you can either send $5 for a print catalog or use the online catalog to fill out the order form and send with payment to
Gary Goers, 37 Amdahl Lane, Kalispell, MT 59901. Personal checks are fine.

Let's backtrack a bit to the just me and my helper part. Guess what happens when most of her day is spent answering or returning phone calls, emails etc.----yep, things slow way down and I get to work late nights to keep up. I'm now quite a bit past normal retirement age and, after almost 40 years of late nights and very little time off, I really need to cut back and have a life.
Complicating that plan is my ongoing medical crisis. I'll tell that story on another page.

Bottom line on all this is that I'm still a month away (as of March 8th) from being able to go to the shop and then my time will be very limited for awhile. Be aware--making large items such as trunk panels is at least two months away. Continuing to supply parts for our old cars that are not available elsewhere is my goal, but I have to do it within a reasonable work week. I'm doing my part by taking steps toward better efficiency and also getting another helper trained in some areas to reduce my work load.

Please do your part by ordering using US mail and keeping phone calls and emails to an absolute minimum.
Check out the new items page. With some help from a talented friend I hope to be more consistent in posting updates on new parts or price changes. You may also senf $5 to me by PayPal. Just use for the e-mail address. E-mail is ok for questions, but please keep it to a minimum.

Update on new parts Jan 28, 2013

The washer bag project is as done as it will ever be. The company basically shafted me. All the bags are done except those with the hose nipple on the bottom. I did get a last shipment of '59 bags. They are beutiful and correct except they made them black with white printing intead of dark gray with white. I only have a very limited quantity of these.. $70 each.

Some really good news for a change: 300F & G aluminum heel pad plates are done. They are beautifully machined out of 1/4" aluminum with a beadblasted anodized finish. Galvanized steel backing plates included...$200/set of two including shipping in cont. US.

60-'64 Chrysler two door hardtop and convert. sill plates. The dies are almost done. The project is running behind schedule, but the light at the end of the tunnel is looking brighter. I'll update when we're close to stamping.

Specializing in Chrysler 300 interiors and hundreds of weatherstrips, molded rubber parts, decals, trunk panels and carpets, glove boxes for all Chrysler products '55-'70. Also some glove boxes and column seals for earlier cars.