Gary Goers' Classic Car Interior Restoration

Specializing in Chrysler 300 interiors and hundreds of weatherstrips, molded rubber parts, decals, trunk panels
and carpets, glove boxes for all Chrysler products '55-'70. Also some glove boxes and column seals for earlier cars.

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The time has come, unfortunately, when I have to shut down operations due to medical issues. My legs are so bad that
I can barely walk at all. Even with a walker I am very limited.

I've been inundated with orders for Chrysler 300 seats to do, am managing to make progress on those and will finish them
all by early next year. I can still take small parts orders, but not large items such as trunk panels.

The final blow came Sunday when my helper informed me that his parents were not doing well and needed him to come
quickly. So, no capable help for lifting, packing, shipping and etc. He may not be back until end of October. My pain level
is such that I can only bear to work very short hours.

There is rarely time for emails-- just order what you need --via US mail--and I'll refund for anything I can't supply.

I've been waiting for scheduling treatment at a hospital in Michigan where a group of surgeons specialize in lower leg
vascular problems. They should be getting back to me with a plan in a couple of days and then I'll fly there for at least a
week of procedures. Hopefully, things will then be much better and I'll continue to catch up.

However, I really do need to retire and need someone to take over this business. Quick figuring, I have close to $100,000
of inventory and raw materials (such as over 1,000 yards of custom made carpet to use in 50's cars and 300 yards of
custom-made beige vinyl for 300's). Thousands of feet of weatherstrip and on and on it goes.

I thank you for your patronage over the past decades and hope to be able to keep supplying parts or hopefully turning the
business over to someone who will keep it going.

Letters and correspondance should be sent to:

Gary Goers
37 Amdahl Lane
Kalispell, MT 59901

Please contact me using US mail and keeping phone calls and emails to an absolute minimum.
Just use for the e-mail address. E-mail is ok for questions, but please keep it to a minimum.

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